What does Annick do to you that will help you on your life journey? Well, I can only write about what she does to me… and that is extraordinary! As a very analytical person used to solving my life issues with logic, I noticed at a certain point that by solving them, it still didn’t make me a happier and more fulfilled person. So, during a difficult period in my life, I stumbled across Annick, and my, am I happy I did!
Her calm, warm and extremely skilled approach, slowly introduces you to your inner voice, feelings and emotions, which create a tremendous movement and transformation in body, thought and being. Her positive energy and astonishing listening skills, approaching you with care and consideration, though at the same time observing and feeling and very quickly confronting you with your ‘real’ issues. Sometimes painful insights… though don’t let that put you aback. Because she will be there to help you process your issues; step by step bringing you closer to you. She has (and still does) helped me to find answers that are authentic to me, making me thrive and bringing me closer to my life happiness.

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